Transit Ads a key partner in PEP’s market research

PEP immersion

Transit Ads™ was an integral partner within the market research campaign implemented by PEP in 2017.

Knowing and understanding the customer plays a vital role in how a brand plans its marketing strategy. With this in mind, the PEP Marketing Team, Mindshare and Transit Ads™ immersed themselves into the lives of caregivers within the community of Khayelitsha in the Western Cape.

PEP Transit Ads imersion
The campaign’s main objective was to uncover what the PEP customer revered about the brand and also how the brand offering could be improved. Each interview was documented and filmed to ensure a systematic, objective collection and analysis of data and information.

“Knowing your customer provides the type of insight that is tantamount to maintaining and creating brand resonance. From an Out of Home marketing perspective, the immersion provided the opportunity for our team to engage directly with the PEP consumer and ascertain how best to communicate with them via our platforms,” explains Hugh Wilson Head of Sales: Transit Ads™.

“Market Research lends credibility and trust to a brand, especially one that has been around for many years. As Out of Home solution providers, the benefit to Transit Ads™ in terms of how we provide the perfect solution with the greatest impact to the brand, is enormous,” continues Wilson.
Transit Ads PEP Imersion Western Cape

Audiences continue to fragment, and as such there is even more urgency for brands to understand their audience and also evolve with them.

For more information on how Transit Ads™ can align your brand’s marketing strategy to your targeted consumers, call Hugh Wilson on 0861 776 826 or email him on, visit or follow @TransitAds_ on Twitter.

Transit Ads imersion with PEP Western Cape