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TRANSIT.TVTM is the largest digital placed-based network in South Africa. Screens are located in train stations, taxi ranks, bus depots and inside taxis nationally. TRANSIT.TV™ has a strong legacy, one that began in 2007 as Taxi TV, and has been very successful in adding value to millions of commuters every day and keeping them informed and entertained during their daily commute. For advertisers, TRANSIT.TV™ has successfully brought numerous brands to the attention of millions of commuters through their TV advertising.

TRANSIT.TV™ streams live content utilizing the latest broadband and satellite technology and broadcasts to a national footprint of high definition screens. Each screen has been strategically placed, according to EMM (Environment Media Mapping) to ensure that it is highly visible in key areas and areas with high dwell times. A recent expansion of the network has increased the audience to over 13 million a month.

TRANSIT.TV™ offers advertisers massive reach, excellent frequency, geographical targeting as well as a captive audience that regularly experiences long dwell times.

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TRANSIT.TVTM is managed and controlled by Transit AdsTM and allows for regional and geographical specific programming and advertising.

  • The station utilises a combination of 3G and Wi-Fi networks to ensure delivery in real time.
  • Live operational tracking daily.
  • Technical teams and rank ambassadors in all TRANSIT.TVTM stations and ranks.
  • Monthly system flighting schedules and reports are generated and presented to client.

Relevant content is key to provide advertisers with an engaged audience and retain interest in the channel. The content generated at the station has been put together to entertain, educate and inform commuters.
Content is divided into 5 main segments, namely: News, Sport, Music, Entertainment and Lifestyle. In line with our objective to engage commuters, content streams and genres are regularly tracked and commuter appeal monitored to enable the delivery of high desirable content.

In partnership with Millward Brown, Transit Track delivers regular channel and advertising efficacy data and provides key insights into commuter behaviours and shopping patterns within commuter nodes.

  • 12 out of 15 brands were recalled spontaneously.
  • Emphasizing value deals on Transit TVTM and can drive persuasion towards a brand. Value offerings were recalled by up to 65% of commuters.
  • 87% of commuters enjoy watching news related content.