Clever Dick plays it safe with Taxi Branding

CLever Dick Exterior Branding

Clever Dick, a campaign that promotes safe medical circumcision, is spreading the health message through Provantage Media Group’s taxi branding. Taxis are moving billboards that travel the same routes every day, attracting the attention of a number of target audiences.

“While taxi branding is aimed primarily at the commuter audience, the medium is also visible to pedestrians and motorists. For the Clever Dick campaign where it is important to spread the message far and wide, taxi branding is highly beneficial,” says Jean Coetzee, General Manager – Provantage Out of Home Media.

Taxi advertising provides both advertisers and commuters with an optimised experience. As much as 75% of the adult population is exposed to taxi branding and for marketers wanting to reach this percentage of the population, taxi advertising remains an extremely cost-effective, highly successful media platform.