TRANSIT.TV™ offers Advertisers Brand Embedded Content

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In line with providing advertisers with a diverse range of strategic offerings, the highly successful TRANSIT.TV™ now provides brand embedded content packages for advertisers wanting to reach South Africa’s economically active commuter audience.

Brand embedded content is an effective tool for sharing the benefits and the unique selling points of a brand to its target audience. In this day and age where consumers want added value from media, the benefits of sponsored content are primarily twofold – it offers education and entertainment to viewers and for advertisers, enhances brand visibility and keeps it top of mind.

“With over 7 million monthly viewers, TRANSIT.TV™ is a hugely effective platform for taking brands to the mid LSM commuter market. With brand embedded content the lines between traditional advertising and channel content pleasantly converge and if the creative and the advertising message blend seamlessly, this type of content becomes extremely powerful,” says Jean Coetzee, General Manager Provantage Out of Home Media.

“Brand embedded content makes a valuable contribution to a viewer’s day. It should inspire, uplift, educate and entertain the viewer in order for it to illicit the desired response, that is: enhance brand appeal. If executed correctly, it will lead to highly effective results,” continues Coetzee.

TRANSIT.TV™ offers a number of content themes:

Ekasi: home and family
Finance and Medical: Personal finance and medical matters and insurance
Beauty and Fashion: Looking after the human body and stylin’ it while doing so
Themed Spot: A segment that changes with seasonal events or events of national and international significance, and the weather