Transit Ads™ provides reach and frequency for Hello Group

Hello Gorup Taxi Side

Hello Group has implemented a national campaign through Transit AdsTM, harnessing the frequency, reach and impact of taxi branding and fully-fledged digital television channel TRANSIT.TV™

The Hello Group creative and messaging is visible to commuters at all points of their journey: from seeing the commercial on TRANSIT.TV™ screens in taxi ranks, train stations and bus stations and then within the taxi, to being exposed to the branding on the actual taxis. The result is frequency and visibility that is extremely high, thus leading to excellent brand recall.

Shamy Naidu Executive: Transit Ads™, explains that where messaging, creative and platform are a seamless fit, the return on investment is significant. “Transit AdsTM platforms are the perfect fit to convey Hello Group’s campaign message, which states that Hello Paisa Services send cash to Zimbabwe for free. The platforms effectively target the audience when they are most open to brand assimilation, thus leading to higher brand recall,” says Naidu.

For more information on the transit environment and how Transit Ads™ can effectively develop, implement and measure your campaign, call Hugh Wilson, Head of Sales on 0861 776 826 or

About TransitADS™
Transit Ads™ is a wholly owned division of Provantage Media Group and South Africa’s largest transit media brand. Transit Ads™ consolidates a variety of transit media offerings into one exceptional and comprehensive portfolio. It is staffed by a team of specialists with access to a wide range of media opportunities and sophisticated research, enabling them to develop integrated Transit Media campaigns that deliver on bottom line.