Telkom Breaks Through the Clutter with Effective ‘Moving Billboard’ Campaign

Johannesburg, July 2021 – Telecommunications provider Telkom has partnered with Transit Ads to execute a targeted Out of Home campaign that speaks directly to commuters, pedestrians and motorists.

The objective of the campaign is to drive increased levels of awareness of Telkom’s ‘Funeral Cover’ product and Telkom has identified bus and taxi branding as its preferred ‘canvas’ on which to roll out its creative and engage this particular audience.

Approximately 80 taxis and 40 regional buses have been branded for this campaign, which spans across Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo and Mpumalanga, ensuring excellent geographical spread and reach across South Africa.

In this way, Telkom, as a brand, is able to break through the clutter and effectively reach its targeted audience, maximizing the advertising opportunities that bus and taxi branding offer, including engaging a vast audience and talking to both commuters in the bus and taxi, as well as pedestrians and other commuters in surrounding vehicles.

“Bus and taxi branding provides advertisers with the opportunity to take large format creative and brand messaging to areas where other forms of Out of Home media are limited,” says Shamy Naidu, Executive: Transit Ads. “That’s the USP, and these ‘travelling canvasses’ are highly visible moving billboards that travel the same routes daily, offering advertisers massive impact and high frequency. Hats off to Telkom for seeing the potential in this unique advertising medium and executing effectively.”