Powa Towas dominate in Taxi environment

Powa Towa

Powa Towas are the largest branding structures to be erected in the taxi rank and shopping mall environments in South Africa. Measuring 12 metres in height, they are highly visible and offer advertisers the opportunity to brand 152m² of high impact space in strategically selected, bustling, high volume commuter traffic flow areas.

With the growing transport development that is taking place in the country, large commuter hubs are being created where multi-modes of transport converge and disperse. These hubs include retail and banking and are a captive environment for targeting consumers when they are most open to advertising messaging and when they are most prone to retail activity.

Within this environment, Powa Towas offer a media opportunity that delivers cost-effective impact and exposure to a large commuter audience, an audience that is extremely brand, product and price savvy. An audience that is interactive, influential and information seeking.

Powa Towas, together with other media formats within these transit hubs, provide brands with the golden opportunity to target these consumers where they are most likely to see, assimilate and engage with a brand; and where consumers are most likely to react by way of purchase or service buy-in.

All Powa Towa structures have been positioned in high traffic areas in sixteen key sites covering Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Gauteng, Free State, KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape. Each Powa Towa allows for a variety of branding formats, including:

• Full wrap branding – offering 152m² of high-impact visibility
• 4-sided branding – which allows for multiple brand messaging per Powa Towa
• 2D and 3D creative elements – all creative can be custom-made to include various designs and shapes such as side cut-out boards and injected mould shapes.
• Illumination – all sites can be illuminated according to site specifications and rights and can include solar driven external flood lights and LED strips.

Shamy Naidu of TransitADS, says: “We have been working and developing in the transit environment for over a decade. We have introduced a number of key innovations to the environment which have proven highly beneficial to both consumers and advertisers. Furthermore, we continuously research the environment and the consumer behaviour to ensure that both our media platforms and our campaigns engage with maximum impact. Most importantly, we know the commuter.”

When it comes to impact and frequency, the numbers speak for themselves: 16,5 million consumers commute every week and they pass through commuting hubs and transit interchanges at least twice every day. They also spend a significant amount of time commuting, queuing and transacting within transit hubs. In fact, most convenience shopping takes place within a 1km radius of the taxi rank.

For brands wanting to create awareness within the commuting audience, Powa Towas offer the ideal format for high impact visibility.

For more information on Powa Towas contact Shamy Naidu on 0861 776 826 or shamy@provantage.co.za