Transit Ads™ offers excellent exposure to Metrorail Commuters

Train Commuter Main Image

Train and Train Station branding is fast becoming a highly sought after medium for reaching a large consumer audience with excellent frequency, to deliver exceptional results. Every day, train stations experience a high footfall of commuters and offer high dwell times and brand visibility that translate to positive brand and messaging recall.

Provantage Media Group’s Transit Ads™ has exclusive media rights to 153 PRASA stations nationally, offering brands a platform to reach an economically active commuter group. Furthermore, as train stations and train infrastructure grows – due to a high level of investment that is underway and planned as part of the Government’s master transport plan – so too is the commuter group growing.

This is significant to Metrorail commuters where PRASA is set to spend R 51 billion on train and station upgrades over the next 10 years. In line with global trends, train stations in South Africa are evolving into major intermodal hubs, which encompass high retail development.

PRASA is part of the South African Government‘s intermodal transport master plan, incorporating Taxis and Buses, to roll out over the next 45 years. This plan includes the development of world class train station hubs and the upgrading of all its commuter facilities, retail and all rolling stock.

With the expansion of infrastructure, the train commuter audience is also increasing in numbers. In South Africa, 1, 2 million commuters (15% of the commuting population) choose trains as their preferred transport mode weekly. The majority (80%) are household purchase makers, with an average household income of R12, 400 per month. Moreover, the rail environment offers excellent frequency – with 79% of train commuters travelling twice daily – and an average high dwell time of 21 minutes.

In the Train Environment, Transit Ads™ offers:

· Static Billboards
· Activation
· Digital
· Coach branding (interior and exterior)

For more information about Transit Ads™ – South Africa’s largest transit media brand – contact Steve Inman: