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The South African Taxi Industry transports 76% of the commuter base. It remains the dominant mode of public transportation in South Africa and is estimated to generate R16.5 billion per annum.

Taxis transport over 12.5 million commuters weekly and offer communities mobility and access to the economy and basic services.There have been significant investments made in the formalisation of taxi ranks nationally and we have access to most of the major taxi commuter hubs nationally, which has led to new media opportunities. Transit AdsTM has formal relationships with 42 major taxi associations nationally and we have successfully executed a large number of taxi media campaigns over the last 10 years.

We have dedicated rank ambassadors in all the major ranks ensuring our relationships with our taxi industry partners are managed and that all our campaigns are effectively executed.

Transit AdsTM offers a number of exterior and interior taxi advertising formats nationally. Taxi advertising is very successful due to the ability of taxis to penetrate both urban and rural environments nationally on a repeat basis every day. This ensures that advertisers’ messages can successfully target economically-active commuters frequently.

Exterior Taxi Advertising is one of the most effective forms of Out of Home advertising in South Africa and ensures that advertisers achieve huge exposure on a very frequent basis. The fact that 78% of commuters have seen a branded taxi in the last 7 days testifies to the efficacy of this medium. Transit AdsTM has developed interior and exterior taxi branding formats that ensures flexibility and they are as follows: