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In South Africa 1.2 million people commute by train every week. To communicate with this highly influential, economically active audience, Transit Ads™ provides excellent advertising opportunities within this environment.

Advertising within this environment is an ideal solution to target a captive commuter audience throughout their journey – from the station concourse, to the platform and on the train itself to create a fully-integrated media story with multiple touchpoints.

Over the past few years we have witnessed a significant upgrade to the commuter rail infrastructure in South Africa with a number of main railway stations upgraded to include retail and intermodal facilities. R51 billion is earmarked for further development of the infrastructure nationally over the next 10 years and this will significantly enhance the rail commuter experience.

Rail commuting and the large internodal hubs connect with various BRT systems and the taxi industry, providing unprecedented opportunities for advertisers wanting to communicate with this audience.

Transit AdsTM has exclusive rights to all interior media and activations in the top 153 PRASA stations in South Africa. We are also the only transit media company to offer an extensive range of rail commuter media opportunities that include digital, static and activations.

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Transit AdsTM offers a wide range of static advertising opportunities and billboards inside 153 PRASA train stations nationally. Each touchpoint is strategically positioned using EMM (Environment Media Mapping) to offer maximum exposure and impact that builds massive reach and frequency.
Train station branding includes:

  • Station billboards
  • Lightboxes