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Bus branding provides advertisers with the opportunity to take large format creative and brand messaging to areas where other forms of out of home media are limited. Buses are highly visible moving billboards that travel the same routes daily, offering advertisers massive impact and high frequency.

The bus infrastructure has undergone significant transformation over the past few years with Bus Rapid Transport Systems servicing commuters in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. This has taken the bus commuter audience to 2.8 million per week.

Transit AdsTM has contracts with numerous Bus Operator Companies throughout South Africa as well exclusive advertising rights to the MyCiTi network in Cape Town.

Bus branding provides the opportunity for brands to break through the clutter and effectively reach an audience of commuters, pedestrians and motorists.

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Exterior Bus Ads offer advertisers fantastic exposure that can be managed geographically. Imagine a 48-sheet billboard that will travel well over 5000km on key routes every month. This is exactly why a fully branded bus will offer unmatched impact and exposure. The impact of a fleet of branded buses deliver great value and the fleet can also be rotated and deployed on different routes during the campaign period to maximise reach and the production investment. Transit AdsTM offers the following Exterior Bus Ads formats:

Interior Bus Ads maximise exposure to bus passengers during their daily journeys.
Interior Bus Ads are an ideal medium for communicating detailed messaging and tactical campaigns.
Transit AdsTM has developed a number of high visibility bus advert formats to ensure that all passengers inside of the bus have clear visual access for the full duration of their bus journey. Only one brand is placed in each bus at any time, which guarantees total dominance of the bus interior environment.