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Cape Town has a limited outdoor offering due to strict legislation in the city. The BRT buses are a great way to be in this limited outdoor space.
Station interior strips – Offer full attention of the consumer, ownership of the space.
Bus back and bus interior strips – The buses move in both key commuter nodes as well as high traffic areas, therefore, the OTS is greater


Transit Ads has secured the EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to the advertising opportunities for both the interior and exterior of the REA VAYA BRT FLEET in Johannesburg
Branded bus backs serve as moving billboards for surrounding cars, especially during peak hour traffic, whether is be for the drivers or their passengers
The Rea Vaya bus routes go past the biggest university campuses in Johannesburg, making student a core target audience to reach.

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  • The IRT system offers impactful and effective advertising platforms
  • City-wide exposure becomes a reality
  • Area specific targeting is possible
  • Attractive transit routes on main commuting roads with high motorist exposure
  • IRT commuter usage and frequency is growing month on month
  • REA VAYA, which means “we are going”
  • Fast, safe and affordable public transport on a network of bus routes across Johannesburg
  • A City of Johannesburg project aimed at providing better public transport, reducing congestion on public roads, improving the environment and creating jobs
  • Buses run along dedicated routes to ensure speed of service
  • A high-tech control room monitors the buses and stations, ensuring that Rea Vaya matches world-class standards
  • Transports 80 000 commuters per day and is continuously growing